Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey


The FOUNDPUNK series of has been inspired by the “Steampunk” style of art and culture.RAMSEY-CARDS_OL_side1 The work presented here is  a combination of the interest in art, mechanics and antiques, and were produced in an artist collaborative studio in downtown Richmond, VA, and after leaving that studio, produced in the home studio in south side Richmond. This is the sixth series of work from RAMSEY and will be expanding greatly thought 2013 in an effort to have a showing of the collection in 2014.

Thanx for viewing.

(Scroll down to see the latest works! Rollover images to view titles.)

#8 Wine Box Lamp #10 Horn Paperweight #11 Sprocket Gear Lamp #18 Philco Radio Table #19 Upright Pen Holder #20 Magnetic Pen Holder w-Monocle #22 WINE CABINET #25 Magnifying Glass #26 STEEL JACK HAT TREE #27 Chime Hand Instrument

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