Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

Large Paintings & Commissioned Art

It started with a hand and a Live Painting event… and grew from there.

Be The SunThe idea came from a desire to bring color to my neighborhood in the form of paintings created and hung on my fence for people to enjoy.

I came up with one design on the fly, because I had an “art emergency” in the form of a live painting event I had no idea I was part of till the night before.

The result was something I knew would be the start of a painting that encompassed familiar design styles as well as new elements.
It also carried a message of positivity to display to a population that may need to see something up lifting every once-in-a-while.
So far three different designs came from the concept, two of which were commissioned for private collectors. Each panel painted was custom built and painted individually.

Giving the collector the subject matter they wanted, while maintaining the unique benefit of having a one-off commissioned painting.

There will certainly be more of this style of paintings coming from the studio, because the concept is one of positivity and the creative spirit…
something we all may need once-in-a-while.

Thanx for viewing.
-RAMSEYRAMSEY_Commission Ads_v1RAMSEY_Commission Ads_v2


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