Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

RAMSEY on the Memorial Wall 3300 W. Broad Street.

Spearheaded by David Morrison, this is a project that attempts to memorialize the victims of gun violence in the RVA. I was honored to be asked to participate along side some of Richmond’s more well known artist / muralist.

The project asked for the artist to paint a flower in memorial of a specific family member in which the family chose the flower.

This, for me, was a multifaceted experience for me.
1) I typically don’t paint from photos, but I never knew what a “Exotic Red Spider Lily” looked like.

2) I’ve never painted a flower before… at least the best I can remember I haven’t.

3) This is probably only the 4th or 5th wall I’ve painted on, so I did it like I have something to prove… which I do.

A the end of it all, I’m proud of the painting, and honored to be part of the project!
The portraits are courtesy of Michael Young Studio m-alan-young-photography.com

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