Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

Fragments: A New View of the World

If there’s anything I’m accustom to when it comes to my art, it’s being inspired by the work of other artist and using it to help me evolve.

With my new life as a full-time fine artist, taking odd jobs on the side to try and pay bills, IMG_0182
keep food in the house and a cup of coffee in my hand, I realize there’s a need to create art that has nothing to do with anything.

Reason being, I need to sell art to secure a future.

The signature “Cityscapes In Noir” Series is an ongoing body of work that I can return to whenever the mood dictates more paintings.

The “Passion Pain & Politics” series will still be inspired by the insanity of the world…
so that’s always something to inspire creation that will have a voice.

“Diluted Loss” is an ongoing series that will always be returned to because of it’s importance to the message and story of America’s Black soldiers during WWII.

And the “FOUNDPUNK” work and sculpture will continue to be the outlet for 3-D expression and experimentation.

With all of the styles and imagery I create, the one defining factor that runs through most of them (at least the paintings), would be that they have a meaning behind them IMG_5139and they all have something to say.

And at this phase in my career, it’s time to work on purely aesthetic work.

I know what you’re thinking: “Are you selling out to make a dollar?”
The answer is: “…a little.”

Because, in order for me to continue to be an artist and not have to “sit at someone’s desk and push pixels” to put food in my fridge, I need work to sell, and it seems work with a message has less a chance in the commercial art world than work that is, as they call it… “sellable.”

I also see the new works as an exercise in painting technique, style form and detail. For the most part, it’ll help me become more of the artist I want to be. Even within the few paintings started in the “Fragments” series, there’s a real thurst in spending time with these paintings, even an 8-hour session in one sitting didn’t seem to make me tired!

As I see it, when people think RAMSEY ART WORKS, they’ll think: “that artist is a creative powerhouse!!” And with the ever-evolving influences and inspirations that keep me creating, it’s all part of a whole, all well thought-out and all working toward a future.

Thanx for viewing.

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