Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey


The call for props came in on a Friday afternoon.
Friday evening, I was designing and creating guns.
The following Tuesday…there were three.
Just to explain something first, I am a responsible gun owner, but I don’t talk about guns all the time, I don’t purchase magazines, look at gun websites or belong to the NRA.

It is what it is.

So the thought of creating guns in the context of steampunk/Foundpunk was something new and kinda exciting. It was an opportunity to do more in the form of costuming and photography props that didn’t require a functionality outside of being props.

I know, with the ongoing debate about gun violence and gun ownership, I have to admit, I feel slightly conflicted about creating these “prop” guns (especially, the “EM ‘Elijah McCoy’ INVENTOR” machine gun, because of the close likeness to a real weapon) but, I have to keep in mind, these are non-functional…therefore an artistic representation of guns for the purpose of design and imagery.

Hopefully, that will translate to the viewer of the FOUNDPUNK “Prop” Guns.

Because, if you look closely, they are cool pieces of design and creation from found objects, and a 3-dimensional illustration of how my creative mind works when applied to something when given an ideal and an opportunity.

#1. The “GWC ‘George Washington Carver’ INVENTOR”





Thanx for viewing.

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