Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

Steampunk Photo Shoot @ the FOUNDPUNK Studio!

It was the most amazing and energetic event at the studio to date with around ten photographers from The Richmond Photography MU Group paying a visit to the Farm on a beautiful Saturday morning in August.

The event, including lights, cameras and at least one GoPro, started with Khalima Sikorskyand Gene Domingo asking to do a Steampunk themed photo shoot using my space. I was honored I was the one they asked (because I knew I had the goods to pull it off!)

This event has made me feel an overwhelming sense of pride because of the strikingly beautiful imagery that has been produced by an incredible group of professional photographers and an awesome bunch of people to work with.

As far as the work, it has been designed and created under the personal code and ethic of being honest in the work, these photos present FOUNDPUNK beyond what I could have ever dreamed. Although, there was the staging of the backgrounds for the shoot, I love that this is my place in the world where I create.

Thank you so much Khalima and Gene for bringing that energy on a beautiful Saturday in August and making it happen. You guys are always welcome at the farm.

View more photos from the shoot on the FOUNDPUNK Facebook page…
And, oh yeah, “LIKE” the page!
Thanx for viewing….
highres_403909692 highres_403922012 highres_404046482

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