Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

What’s the “what’s next” for 2014!

“Avoid the reeking herd! Shun the polluted flock! Live like that stoic bird, the eagle of the rock!”
_Elinor Hoyt Wyliestudio

With the new year comes a somewhat deep level soul searching, self-questioning and a lot of experimentation and hard work.

Last year was decidedly a transitional year, with the passing of my mom (Joyce Holmes Ramsey), my long time relationship becoming a long distance relationship, the completion of the studio at the “farm” and the, all important, evolution of the artwork.

Ahhh…the evolution of the artwork.

The artwork being created in the studio/workshop has become a practice in balancing between the aesthetic line that transverses steampunk and industrial, both of which are equally strong, meaningful and practical in its essence.
Seamlessly incorporating into the home environment as a piece of art that can be used
without much thought and appreciated for its unique visual statement.

The goal when all of this interest in steampunk started in 2011 was to find a voice in the work and a consistency of style and quality. I knew it would take a while for an aesthetic principle to form and become the normal approach to the art.

It has become the norm to look for materials that are worn, dirty and dented. Finding parts that work together to create a fascinating shape or form. Constantly searching for antiques that can reclaim its usefulness as something other than what the original purpose would have been. And, most of all, make work as interesting as possible without forcing it to be interesting.

The transitional year of 2013 is over, never to be forgotten, and understood
as the year things were bound to change.

This year will be a banner year for the creative spirit, the artwork and the artist. Time to explore and be seen. To venture unto paths that have never been traveled. It will be exciting, terrifying and wonderfully rewarding.

And I will try to be there every step of the way.

Thanx for viewing.


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