Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

In Good Company…

This month a project I was honored to participate in, opened in Jackson Ward in downtown Richmond, VA (the RVA) and I was in good company showing with some of RVA’s most notable artist. Artist like RVA’s mural powerhouse Ed Trask, Skull-a-Day artist and publisher Noah Scalin and widely recognized abstract artist Heide Trepanier, had work on display as well as a number of other artist, filling the gallery with energy and life. Along with the adult artist there were works by “young people” that made for a great showing on opening night. 

I was proud when I was asked to participate, but me being as a.d.d. as I can be sometimes I kept forgetting to pick up the guitar case lid. Luckily, one of the directors came to my job for a meeting and left the lid at my desk. Image

Above is the imagery I drew inspiration from which I had begun working on earlier this summer and I thought it  would be perfect for this project because of the bold contrast between the monochromatic images of machinery and the colorful organic shapes it seemingly produced.

Although I had no immediate purpose for this imagery to become more than a combination of different styles of abstract art, when asked for an artist statement, my natural inclination was to be (f*#kin’) political…although I really tried to stray away from it, but because most of my art gravitates that direction, why would I think this would be any different?

So the statement became:


“Imagine if our most influential industries found ways to make profit by helping the environment instead of harming it.”


The guitar case will be a benchmark moment in which I can say my style has shifted and, from the comments on the piece from those that were there, it is a positive new exploration in the elements I’m beginning to use. 

And with the new studio in full operation, there is more and more exploring to do!




Thanx for viewing…


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