Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

Anger on the walls…

“HourTime” the new series is making its debut at the VISUAL ART STUDIO at 208 Broad Street, in Richmond, VA and so far I have realized one thing.

This work needs a broader audience…more so than what Richmond can provide.With it’s one night a month during the First Friday Art Walk, for the most part, art viewing in the River City is fairly pedestrian. With most of the public being directed to the arts only on the few nights they’re told art should be viewed.

It’s not the fault of any one person, place or thing, but as an artist who has worked hard at his craft for many years, I need more…much more.

Yeah, sure, some people may say to me that my work doesn’t warrant the attention of a wider, more consistent viewing public and they have that right to that opinion. But, I’m  not going allow that bullsh*t to keep my work from reaching beyond the bubble of a RVA and a public that only values art part time.

Just as I’ve heard over and over again:
“Live in Richmond, but make your living somewhere else.”

So, it maybe futile, pining for shows in the River City.

Maybe, politically charged works are not what people want to see or invest in. Which is unfortunate for an artist prides himself on the ability to illustrate political issues that can be interpreted in a variety of ways by the viewing public.

Maybe politics have dominated so much of peoples lives that art needs to have less meaning to it so people don’t have to find meaning in a piece and it can serve as just a “pretty….something” on the wall.

I don’t know what the answer is, maybe a pseudonym and pedestrian work maybe the ticket….something to think about.

But with the art viewing in RVA being as it is, it seems this body of work gets angry on the gallery walls when it’s shouting and no one is willing to listen.

Thanx for viewing.


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