Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

The U.S. UnJustice System: Troy Davis and I

I wonder if the day will come when a cop with a chip on his shoulder or, a stick up his ass, will pull me over and arrest me just because I ask him why(?).

I wonder if that cop will be anti-Obama enough to take out his frustrations, with a president who’s black, and will threaten my life.

I also wonder if that cop will choose to kill me on the spot like Oscar Grant and make claims of why he did it.

Would that cop be believed?

Or will that cop take me into the station, gather other officers and beat me to death.

Or, because they’re angry, will they  find a crime to fit a black man, who lives on south side, in the “wrong” neighborhood and who lives by himself.

Will the prosecutor (who can’t ever be wrong because of personal political aspirations) convict me with no evidence and a white family that wants SOMEONE, anyone to pay for their pain?

Will the jury be of my peers or will it be all white? Will my lawyer be competent?

Will my State of Virginia set me to die despite my obvious innocence and the international outcry at the injustice.

Will the state kill me on a Wednesday…or Thursday night?

And years later…will the prosecutor call my mom and dad and tell them he made a mistake…and that he’s sorry.

Its all too real.


In the recent weeks  America has shown the world its true face. The blood-lust of the Republican right (Reich) was on full display when Texas Gov. Rick Perry said, so assuredly to a crowd of Tea Party supporters, that Texas has an un-failing justice system and no innocent man has been killed. The presidential candidate said in no small terms that if Texas killed you…you deserved it.

And oh, how they cheered.

Georgia is set to murder Troy Davis tonight. Although, the overwhelming evidence supports his claims of innocence, if something doesn’t give, they will kill him.

I don’t pray often…but, I pray for Troy today that his life is spared, and that this country will begin to realize what it has become. Some people just want to see a nigger die. Those people vote Tea Party and they have a presidential candidate that speaks their language, rising in the “polls”.

Personally, I feel guilty that I hadn’t said anything or added my voice to the call to save Troy’s life and its all too obvious now, injustice will happen again.

Looking at this situation as an artist who works more on political themed works that any other subjects, I never thought about the death penalty for inspiration. But now it seems there’s much for me to think about on this subject.

Race, class, politics, religion, justice and death will begin to work its way into my art in the style of Diluted Loss.

And its going to be dangerous.

thanx for viewing.



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