Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

A Serious Conversation & Real Life Implications

I’ve been itching to do serveral things in the past few months to shake this annoying drought of creativity and a build up of frustration with myself as an artist. It really comes to head in my post “A Flood of Creativity & Questions” from a few weeks ago.

Although, I had no idea my words would actually become a tangible event in my life, I knew a change would have to happen or else it was “clock-out time” in the studio.

It all started one afternoon in downtown Richmond on Broad Street. As I was driving up and down the street, looking for a place to park so I could go to Lift Coffee and get my first cup of the day, I noticed a flurry of activity in a few places that seemed to be out if the norm for the typical pace of people walking up and down the street.

Altria & City of Richmond had created a public arts/mural project and this was the day volunteers were helping the artist get a start on their work.

After getting my coffee and spending a few minutes online at Lift, I took a stroll down the sidewalk. To my surprise I ran into Hamilton Glass, supervising his site that composed of two huge walls in which murals were to be created on panels that were fixed to the buildings. We shook hands and talked a little about the project and the road ahead for the work. He let me know the Altria volunteers were only there for the day and without even thinking about it, I told him to call on me if he needs the help.

Two days later, he did.

At the site, working on the erected scaffolding, I realized this was the event that I so desperately needed in my life. The specter of working with other local contemporary artist I respected (the artist, David Marion is also working on the mural), helping to create public art and volunteering was the “perfect storm” to shake me loose from the suffocation that was strangling my creativity.

All the things I needed to happen had come true in a months time!

The project is coming to a swift end, and there is lots of work to be done to bring the piece to completion and I’m happy to say, not only do I help with the painting, I was able to provide water when we were briefly cut off and , to my surprise, with the help of my best friend, I was able to locate a generator and lights when they were needed.

(Truthfully, I always wanted to be “that guy”, you know, the one who could make things happen….and damn if that didn’t come true too!)

But, the most rewarding side if the whole experience is Hamilton has asked for my opinion, as an artist, on some key elements within the work.

These things have made me feel as though the stagnation in my creative outlet has broken loose. When Ham(?) told me I was helping him out, I made it clear that he was helping me out as well by allowing me to help on such a grand piece of art.

The experience has made me understand what I’m capable of and has help me find what I was searching for in my career.

And the best part about it…. I feel excited about being an artist once again.

Thanx for viewing…



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