Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

Facing the Very Real Impact of Boredom…

I’m bored…

That sums up the change to style and subject matter in my art, although, I wouldn’t classify it as a “whole sale” abandonment of my current work, but I do realize in order for me to want to create, some new elements must be explored to get a the result in the work that makes me exited about painting again.

In all honesty, I find myself asking if the work is “too deep”, as in if the public doesn’t react to it or it they miss the point of what the work is communicating because I’ve drawn on subject matter that is obscure and too political to immediately understand.

After over a decade of being topical with my art, its hard for me to shut-up in my work, But I do recognized the social value of “pop art”, and its at this point I find myself at a crossroads.

Do I continue doing work that express political topics or do I let go for a while and explore “pop” and create it under a pseudonym?

Still seen as contemporary expressionism, elements of my past are really starting to emerge and take form in the way of stencils and basic more simplified elements and color. The evolution of my creative expression is also attributed to being stirred by “street art”. Its inspiration has also drawn me in because of the fact that it is art that doesn’t sit in a studio waiting for approval by a gallery to be approved or denied to hang on their walls. I feel like I’m suffocating looking for approval from other people to show my work and I seriously asking myself if it’s worth the wait.

While trying not do anything “illegal” to get my work out in public environment, the pull to “just fuckin’ do it” is almost like a constant scream in my ear, a tug at my heart and a shove at my back. With so much the work wants to say, it’s shouts to “stop waiting and get on with it!” has kept me up at night thinking about the “what if’s”.

Not to disparage the artwork created over the more that 20 years as an artist,  I continue to be so very proud of it, but I think its kept me a little too grounded, so much so that I’ve became afraid to take off and see what flying feels like.

Maybe this frustration waiting for clearance is going to force me to take flight without waiting for someone else to allow me too.

Thanx for viewing…



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