Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey


“THE MISSED KISS” 2011 Mix Media,

I created this piece after thinking about what I wanted to say with regards to the soldiers coming home after the war. Like today, some soldiers are celebrated and some are left to fade into the background, or worse yet, left to fend for themselves if they come home with Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in which soldiers are basically told “its better you come home dead than broken, the military can’t use a broken soldier.”

As far as the black soldiers of WWII, when they came home from the war, their lives were still victim of U.S. “Jim Crow” laws, where they weren’t celebrated, but left under the oppression of the white dominated society that concluded black soldiers were to not forget they were still less than American.

Black Soldiers missed out on the celebration of America’s victory over Nazi Germany and Japan, to this day black soldiers are receiving awards that should have been recognized decades ago. After the war, Black Americans still had to fight for Civil Rights, the right to vote and against job and housing discrimination to this day, while the legacy of their heroics in “The Big War” are being steadily eroded away by time.

Thanx for viewing…



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