Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey


“BARKER SHOUTER MOUTHPIECE” 2011 acrylic & charcoal on panel

After learning about the cancellation of “COUNTDOWN with KEITH OLBERMANN” after the sale of NBC to media bohemoth, COMCAST. I felt like the progressive voice in america had been effectively silenced in the universe of “cable news”.

With that loss, the conservative voice from FOX NEWS became louder and the pro-war, pro-corporate and anti-worker point of view will be the only view in corporate news.

If the corporate dominated news seeks to be the voice of the right…

“CIRKUS” will be my progressive voice to point it out.

Although, now I’m wondering if I’m speading myself out too thin with beginning a new series when DILUTED LOSS is getting traction and starting to heat up with a major show in Richmond, VA in May 2011.

Right now I don’t know if I should limit myself or continue to widen my artistic voice.

Something for me to think about.

thanx for viewing



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