Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

“HOURTIME”..a examination of environment issues in paint and plants.

In my thinking of a new series of work, I wanted to revisit painting with a political theme again. Social and environmental issues became my focus after hearing so much about the economic and social implications from Global climate change brought on by capitalization of the food and farming markets, and the victimization of the country’s poor population.

why is the work important?
it’s important to me because it’s working me out of a block I had with my other series, CITYSCAPE IN NOIR. I wanted to work politics back into my work, but not focus on “party politics”.

what does “the block” feel like?
it feels suffocation, I end up wasting time in front of the canvas and money using material on “bullshitting” around trying to make something work.

are chances being taken or sticking to familiar practices?
I’m taking  chances by approaching the canvas with dark base color and using it as an outline for some of the subject matter. also introducing organic as well as inorganic material in the pieces to formulate a more dynamic message.

what is the future with these pieces?
having this be shown in and outside of the Richmond area in galleries.

The feed back on the new works have been very positive. Local world music band RATTLEMOUTH is considering using one of the works from the series in the new album cover, which would be a hell of an honor. But even if it doesn’t get that far, just to have the work thought of like that is tremendous.


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