Words and works of Contemporary Artist Keith M Ramsey

Behind the CIN Studio…

I thought about how much art I have in my studio not being seen by….well, anyone not privy to coming to my in-house studio. What crossed my mind was “if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” Well of course it does, it’s just a matter of someone being around to hear it.

The same may apply to art, if an artist does new work, does anyone see it? That’s a yes as well, it just needs an extra effort to show it. My website is up and running and it looks fantastic, but I’m fully aware that if no one is looking for it, it doesn’t really exist. My recent adventure with the “intheToGocup.com” blog has gotten me jazzed about blogging.

I wanted to create a blog that focuses on the  internal  struggles I have with my creativity, having to switch between the roll of a fine artist and a freelance graphic designer, and talk about current works while they’re in progress. .

In hopes that people will notice my talents and will understand the person behind the canvases of kmrfinearts.



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